The Partnership between Business and Education

September 9, 2011


I have worked with the Chamber of Commerce Business and Education Committee for 14 years.  I have been a member, worked with Chamber staff on different projects related to education and careers, and presently serve as its chairman.  I have always been impressed with the Chamber’s willingness to bring education and the business world together for the betterment of the community and its people.  Over the past 14 years I have seen many changes in perspective and in actions because of the efforts of this committee.  Educators understand the needs of businesses, and businesses invest in education for the future of our area.  People of all walks, careers and beliefs come together to make Calhoun County a place where our children want to raise their families and build a place where more people want to come to live.

The Business and Education Committee strives to bring information from the very people who live and work in the area.  The Committee is active in staying abreast of current political issues, business trends and educational issues that impact our area and the nation.  Committee members work as problem-solvers, promoters of new ideas and concepts, and catalysts that spur innovation in each of the different areas of Calhoun County.  The Business and Education Committee wants to address issues and promote quality programs that enhance the learning community for all stakeholders.  Programs presented include Success By Six, the Anniston Community Foundation, political forums, the Career Expo, YMCA programs, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Reading Intervention, Dropout issues, presentations from area businesses concerning needs as it relates to improving the workforce, Career Coaches, college information, safety, health, and any other topic that is relevant to building a stronger educational system that feeds business and industry with competent and prepared workers.

It has been my great pleasure to be a part of the Business and Education Committee.  The Committee will continue to strive to bring information, programs, and address issues that are pertinent for the age we live in.  To see a multitude of people working together for a common cause is what makes this committee so great! The Committee will continue to evolve as issues and trends develop, so that Calhoun County can remain the the great area that it is and progress to new heights as a leader in innovation and progress for its people.  The committee wants more people to become involved and take part in our efforts.  We need fresh ideas from those who man the front lines each day so that we can provide the best for the future in Calhoun County.

By Contributing Author

Melissa Willingham

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce



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