Are you Smarter than a Smartphone?

September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, the Chamber hosted a workshop on “Increasing Sales with a Smartphone,” presented by Appalachian Regional Commission. The always wonderful McAlister’s Deli catered the meal, and we would like to thank the East Alabama Regional Planning Commission for bringing the workshop to town!

What’s a smart phone you ask?  Good question, and Donna Fathke admits, “I had to look it up when we started talking about this class. A smart phone is any phone that can download and use applications. You can use your smart phone to process credit cards, get ads out to your customers, create a buzz about your specials, reward your customers for loyalty, and direct people to websites. It turns out, if you want your phone to do something, there’s probably an app out there that can do it!”

The presentation was thoroughly informative, and the statistics presented were sometimes mind-boggling.

Did you know, today in the US, there are 82 million smartphones in circulation, which means one in every 3 people, 13 and older, own a smartphone? That figure, from Forrester Research, is expected to double by 2015, so in a mere four years, there will be 164 million smartphones in circulation. Some statistics predict mobile phone usage will bypass desktop usage. Can you believe that?

Well, with the data provided, one thing is clear, mobile outreach is the next frontier for business owners. Mobile marketing, etc. allows businesses to reach their customers directly, and this workshop, hosted by the Chamber, presented some of the various ways to engage customer bases: Apps, Foursquare, Twitter, QR Codes, and more.

Workshops, much like the one discussed above, are just one of the many perks that accompany Chamber membership. Workshops and seminars, hosted by the Chamber, continue to educate businessmen and women on the trends of the present and the future. Participation, in these events, allows participants to grow and develop their own business in this constantly evolving world and take away strategies and tactics to implement into their current programs. The Chamber provides these events as guiding opportunities, for the area businesses, to assist in developing a strong and healthy community. 

Stay tuned and join us for more upcoming events. You won’t regret it!

If you missed this fantastic workshop but would like more information on Smartphones and sales, visit the link below for the workshop’s slide presentation.

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce     (256)237-3536


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