$20 on the 20th

October 20, 2011


Dear Calhoun County,

Help us say thank you to our local businesses by spending an extra $20 on the 20th of each month.

Most things you need can be found locally. Shopping locally provides jobs and not only supports our local merchants but also our schools. Not only is shopping locally convenient, but it also helps fund local police, fire stations, emergency agencies, and our roads.

For instance, if you purchase an average priced, new automobile locally, it adds around $688 in sales tax revenue. Purchasing gasoline locally contributes more than $112 to the local economy, and purchasing groceries locally contributes $312 to the local economy each year, in sales tax.

Local merchants often support community groups, clubs, teams, and charities. So, as you can see, everyone wins when you buy local, and the money circulates through the local economy, again and again, aiding in business growth, job creation, lower taxes, public services, and civic pride.

If we simply switched just 5% of the money we spend elsewhere and buy local, over $2 million in local sales tax revenue would be generated and result in more jobs, better schools, better parks, lower taxes, improved public safety, and better streets and highways.

So, join us by spending $20 on the 20th. You too can make a difference when you shop local!

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce



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