“Bringing the Chamber to You”

November 4, 2011

The Chamber was looking for a way to reach out to all Chamber members and get feedback. The “Bringing the Chamber to You” Campaign was developed to accomplish this goal.

Anna-Marie Moorer is just one of the many Ambassadors participating in this campaign. Below is a summary of her experience with the campaign.

“Ambassadors are paired with a board member and given a list of companies to meet with each quarter. My partner is Rodney Owens with the Anniston Water Works. Together we have visited our members asking for feedback on current Chamber activities, the direction they would like to see the Chamber go, and filling them in on upcoming Chamber events.”

Thus far, certain themes are emerging from the collected information. For instance, many members enjoy the many networking opportunities they receive as Chamber members, but they would love to see more opportunities added. Other suggestions received through this survey revealed that Chamber members want to tell people things they don’t know about the community, form new partnerships in order to reach new people and areas, and recognize those who volunteer and support the Chamber more often.

The volunteers, like those participating in the “Bringing the Chamber to You” campaign, are doing a great job and gathering great information for the Chamber to utilize.

Anna-Marie summarizes the success of the campaign with “We have had the opportunity to meet new people and visit with old friends, all to help benefit the Chamber.”

Thank you volunteers and Chamber members for all your contributions to Calhoun County, which make it a great place to work and live.

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce




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