Volunteer Spotlight: Chamber Intern Jordan Whetstone

November 21, 2011

Jordan Whetstone has been a volunteer intern at the Chamber of Commerce since September 2011. She graduated from The Donoho School in 2007 and Birmingham Southern College in 2011 with a degree in Asian Studies.

“Interning at the Chamber is great experience and I get to go around with Sherri Sumners, President of the Chamber, and see everything she does and it is very enlightening,” said Jordan. “This has given me a better idea of how my community works.”

“Some people overlook all the special events happening in and around town, and I never realized what an important role the Chamber played in the planning and organization of these events. I honestly didn’t realize all the things the Chamber does and how involved they are. Now, I realize, if I am ever visiting somewhere, I should go to the local Chamber if I have any questions or need any assistance.”

Jordan is considering continuing her education at Jacksonville State University. She is heavily involved at her church, Grace Episcopal Church, by helping out at various events and singing in the choir. If not volunteering, singing, or playing her clarinet she will probably be caught reading a good book.

Thanks Jordan for all you do!


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