LCC Quality of Life Day

May 10, 2012

By: Michelle L. King

First of all, let me start off by saying that the Quality of Life Day was probably one of the best days we’ve had thus far in LCC. Don’t get me wrong, all of them have been wonderful and we’ve learned so much….but, the scavenger hunt takes the icing on the cake!

As soon as the team rosters were announced for that day, our team got busy. We were emailing one another and trying to strategize, so we would come prepared with our game face on when the day arrived. First, we decided that we would all make white t-shirts that said “I (heart) Anniston” on them. This would really show our team spirit! However, one person, unfortunately, never saw the emails and that was Johnny, but no worries. We were prepared to make it work. 

Once we all arrived, we were excited because we were going to be eating a “tourist” breakfast. Well, it wasn’t exactly what we expected. We learned that it could be interpreted in different ways. We of course thought it would be a sit down meal (not a buffet….LOL) – but “tourist” sized in fact. We assumed, and we all know what that means. At that point, we each grabbed a snack, except for Johnny, who was running late because he locked his keys in his car.

When we received our team packet, we were raring and ready to go. All six of us piled into John’s Anniston Water Works truck, three in front and three in back, and headed to the first location we selected. On the way to location one, we decided we would make Johnny an “I (heart)Anniston” shirt so he’d fit in with the rest of us. Once we arrived in the parking lot, it was time to get busy and creative on the t-shirt. After all, we did not want to take our first team picture in front of the location without Johnny in matching team attire. So, we used the yellow t-shirt he was already wearing. We were surprised he agreed to it, considering how much he loves his clothes! He handed it over. John broke out some markers he conveniently had in his tool box…imagine that. It was surprising to know that he’d even have something like that in his work truck. He was prepared!!! Ashley and Dollie got to work on the t-shirt in the parking lot using the hood of the truck in order to lay the t-shirt flat. The rest of us started reading over the rest of the clues and making some notes. We were planning our moves and determining which direction and locations would get us the most points. We wanted to WIN obviously, so big pointers are what we set our sights on.

We took our picture at location one and headed on over to location two, which was right down the road. The establishment was not open yet, but John had connections. He knew the owner. We were let in (when other teams would have to wait) and we took our second picture. On the way out, Tina decided to ask for a “special” souvenir and she got it! I won’t tell you what it was because it would give away the clue of where we were.

By the time we left location two, we were all starving to death….and it was ONLY 9:30am. We headed to location three, which would take us a little longer to get to. On the way, Tina starting feeling a little woozy. Car sickness maybe, I thought? At that point, all I could think about was us being in such close quarters and her possibly tossing her cookies. Luckily, that did not happen, for ALL our sake. We finally arrived and decided to have a tailgate party at 10:15am in the parking lot at Mt.Cheaha. No, it wasn’t your ordinary tailgate kind of party….haha. We broke out the cooler and started passing out what was supposed to be our lunch. Johnny’s eyes lit up because he was starving. He had not eaten prior to coming to the Chamber. Someone had given him a pack of crackers when we first started on our journey, but it wasn’t enough. We all gobbled down our now “brunch” and chilled out for a few minutes. Then, it was time to take a long hike down to Bald Rock. We never imagined it was such a long way down to it on the wooden bridge/trail. It was very foggy out, so you never really knew how much further you had to go because you could not see two feet in front of you. You could hear a few of us at different times mumbling under our breath, just like a kid on a road trip “are we there yet?” I think we walked off everything we had just eaten between walking there and back. It felt like we had walked 5 miles. Our legs were burning and our feet hurt. By the time we made it back to the truck, we swear we were hungry AGAIN!

We left Mt.Cheaha and headed in another direction to hit 3 more sites that were in close proximity of one another. The whole time, we never heard a peep out of Johnny, which we all know is unusual. It was because he was asleep. The rest of us were talking about the clues, etc. There was definitely no shortage of laughter. As we arrived at each location we would all swarm out of the truck, rush to take a picture, and then huddle back in and take off. In all, our team visited, if my memory serves me correctly 18 locations. It would have been 19 had the famous Popeye billboard still been up. We came to one conclusion and that the billboard was whisked away in the April 27th tornado….and the Chamber did not know it. We took a picture anyway of where the sign used to be, but I don’t think we got points for the effort….haha.

Once we returned to the Chamber for the final portion of the day, we got busy working on our skit. We chose to do a “Did You Know” type skit that would draw attention to the things that were politically incorrect relative to the day’s journey. During the preparation for the skit, we all laughed so hard that we all were choked up and our faces were bright red. It wasn’t until this time that we actually derived our team name. It was C3 (as in C to the 3rd power). It stood for “Calhoun County Cruisers.”

So in closing, despite the fact that our team was not a front runner in terms of points, that is not what really mattered. What mattered was the fact that we had a great time, the teamwork & comradery were awesome, we visited some great sites in and around Calhoun County, & we have grown as a class since September 2011.


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