A Love of Family & Cooking: Mata’s Greek Pizza Continues to be Served

August 21, 2013


For Mata’s Greek Pizza and Grinders, it started and continues with a love of family and cooking. Opening their first restaurant in Billerica, Massachusetts in 1978, William and Mata Rodopulous were brought to Anniston and opened their second restaurant in 1980, relocating to be closer to daughter Linda and son-in-law Patrick Burke.  Originally in Calhoun County as therapists and psychometrists, Rick and Linda left their jobs in 1986 to commit to the restaurant’s demands. Over the years, the family has grown but continues to serve their ever growing number of patrons in Calhoun County. DSCN0761Rick says, “I’m proud to be a part of Anniston. We’ve been here for a long time, made many friends and customers. Seeing generations come through and seeing them grow has given me a sense of how far we’ve come. I also enjoy being a part of people coming home. I’ve heard many say they’ve been away, and this is the first stop they make.” This close-knit family continues to serve Calhoun County with those recipes Mrs. Rodopoulous perfected over the years for breads, pizza doughs and more. <Rick states, “Our Community is mostly made of good, hardworking people, and it is an honor to provide a service and see their smile when they come.”

Known for their specialties, especially pizzas, with my favorite being an extra special pizza and Greek salad, Mata’s brings customers from near and far to taste their signature dishes and experience all that’s Mata’s. My mouth’s watering. Let me go place a to-go order!

Mata’s Greek Pizza & Grinders


1708 Quintard Avenue, Anniston





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