At Home in the Kitchen

August 28, 2013

DSCN0821Beginning his restaurant career after school and after 7 years of working for USA Today distribution in Boston, Sam Sutchaleo started out as a cook in a North Indiana restaurant. Sam had worked in restaurants growing up and says, “I always enjoyed cooking, everywhere I worked, and I felt at home in the Kitchen. I love to experiment with food, making dishes never made before.” After serving as a manager, Sam began working for O’Charley’s. Sam says, “I worked very hard, and then I thought, ‘what could I do if I worked just as hard for myself?’” In 2002, Sam opened the first Thai One On in Indianapolis and years later expanded to include Sam’s Lounge; however, with the down turn of the economy, Sam was forced to close the restaurants in 2009. So, Sam went back to O’Charley’s, which brought him to Oxford. Sam says, “Then, I got the itch again, met a beautiful lady from Thailand, and decided to open a restaurant again. I could cook, but Patty made it better. She taught me the authentic Thai flavor, and team work has made this happen.” Sam says, “We are proud of what we produce, and we want more to have the chance to experience Thai food. We are proud of where we are, in Downtown Anniston. The biggest response has been supportive, from everyone, the mayor, the council, the public. It’s fun to hear people say they’re trying it for the first time. It’s not all spicy. It’s mainstream ethnic food with seasonings like lemon grass and ginger, not just peppers.”
When asked about a specialty, Sam mentioned the cuisine’s influences from the soup and noodle dishes of China to the curries of India, and satays of Indonesia, “The Drunken noodles are probably a favorite with their combination of vegetables and sauce.”
Thai One On premiered a new menu this week with lunch specials including egg rolls and soup.
Try this hybrid cuisine that’s caters to the eye as well as the palate. It’s all authentic Thai food, made to order, as spicy (5) or not (0). “Thai it you’ll like it.”

Thai One On
911 Noble Street, Anniston, AL
(256) 770-7256


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