Our Home Grown Cafe

October 4, 2013

The road that runs beside Red Lobster takes you to a quaint strip mall, home to Garfrerick’s Café. In Alabama’s garfrericks100 Best Dishes to Eat Before You Die for their Pecan Encrusted Grouper, which is my favorite, their restaurant week special highlights what they are known for, vegetables. If Dave doesn’t grow it, he probably knows someone locally, who does.
•$10 Lunch: Southern Vegetable Platter with Sweet Potato Brownie
*Special not available on Sundays.gar food
The black eyed peas, locally grown, were fresh and perfectly cooked. The creamed corn seemed fresh out of the garden, which is how I grew up eating corn. The stewed tomatoes had a little heat to them, but I could have eaten them like a Brunswick stew, perfect with the cornbread. The sautéed cauliflower was tossed in light herbs and cooked just enough to retain a crunch. The squash casserole seemed fresh out of Grandmother’s kitchen, with hearty portions of onions cooked perfectly tender.
My favorite, at least for my sweet “teeth,” was the sweet potato brownie! It was almost the texture of a good buttermilk pie, but loaded with flavors of fall, cinnamon and sweet potato.IMG_5147_2
The moisture of the caramel-like topping was absorbed into the brownie like a sponge, layered in sweet delectable flavors. Gafrerick’s reminds one of the restaurants you find in large metropolitan cities, a classic menu in a very modern setting. If you need a taste of home, I know where you can find it, Garfrerick’s!
655 Creekside Drive Suite C, Oxford
(256) 831-0044


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