More than the Chicken Fingers

October 9, 2013

The Zaxby’s in Anniston staff treats us like family. Manager Joanna knows my favorites and suggests little additions or ways to change it up. She did the same thing with their restaurant week specials.
DSCN1327•$20 Dinner: 20 chicken fingers, 2 orders of fries, and order of Toast & 2 Drinks
•$10 Lunch: Wings & Things with Milkshake
I wanted to try their wings, so I ventured out for the Wings & Things with a Milkshake.
You can choose boneless or not, in 9 varied sauce: Original, Wimpy, Nuclear, Teriyaki, Hot Honey Mustard, Tongue Torch, Insane, BBQ, and Sweet & Spicy. I chose sweet & spicy boneless, which was a sweet BBQ flavor with a kick of red pepper, not too hot Asian flavors DSCN1318with a southern twist.
With Wings & Things, you also get their savory classic chicken fingers, seasoned crinkle fries, buttery Texas toast, crisp celery, and a helping of Ranch and Zax Sauce.
To top off or tone down the explosion of flavors, try the banana pudding milkshake. It’s like chilled homemade goodness in a cup. It even has crushed vanilla wafers. The cream sweet mixture should satisfy any sweet tooth.
3234 McClellan Blvd, Anniston
(256) 237-3132


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