Born to be Yume

December 13, 2013

DSCN2453Yume Owner Kenny Lee was 3 years old when his father entered the restaurant business in South Korea. With the draw of nearby Fort McClellan, in 1988, the family came to Oxford and opened China Luck. Kenny states, “We lived in California, first, but the people here were very friendly. Here, it felt more like people opened their arms, making you a part of the family. They didn’t treat you like a stranger.” Over the years, the family began to look to the future, and the family fun of Japanese steakhouses met their goal of providing food and entertainment for their customers. So they opened Yume on Colonial Drive in Oxford, nestled along I-20 with the steady flow of traffic between Atlanta and Birmingham and Mt. Cheaha in the distance. Kenny says, “We have a wide variety of menu, but a new dish is the love story roll. It looks very nice, with shrimp, deep fried salmon, crab meat and DSCN2447avocado rolled in soy paper with spicy mayo. Our rib-eye, filet mignon and fresh cut salmon are also very good.”
Yume boasts a party room, seating 35-50, as well as hibachi dining, each seating up to 20, with the ability to host family reunions, business conferences and more.
Kenny says, “To me it’s not just the making of the food for the table. You must put time and heart in it, and you can always tell the difference.”
301 Colonial Drive, Oxford
(256) 241-0142
301 Colonial Drive


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