Homemade Happiness

December 31, 2013

??????????Since December 2010, Too Nice to Slice continues serving up sweets in Oxford. With Audrey Oswalt gathering and learning the recipes of her great-grandmothers from her mom, she was able to open up a store in Oxford providing homemade cakes and treats of her own.
You name it; they can make it, with 18 flavors of cake, and specialty items like the delectable pecan bars and various flavors of fudge, including peppermint. When she’s not doing office work or decorating a cake, Audrey’s favorite part of the job is helping her customers. “I like seeing what they pick out.” The local favorite, Audrey states surely, is “the red velvet cupcakes, and the German Chocolate is not even close to competing in second. I grew up here, so many people know me or my parents, and some come in almost every day. With our closeness to the interstate, half of our customers are travelers passing through. I appreciate those customers who support me as a small business and try to shop local. It’s fun to see kids, whose birthday cake you’ve made for the past five years, interests change and grow.”
DSCN3439With the constant changing of cake trends, Audrey says, “The cakes are always so different with trends. Chevron is huge, shimmers in gold and silver, textured cakes, colors; each season has its own. The vanilla cake with a buttercream icing is the most popular.” Too Nice to Slice even serves a hummingbird cake, a more dense cake, like banana nut bread, but with banana, pineapple and pecans.
For the holidays, Too Nice to Slice is offering specials including all 12 flavorful pies in a two for $25 special. Pies include sweet potato, peanut butter, apple and more! They’re also serving their eight inch round dessert cakes for a $20 holiday special, in all 18 flavors.
Audrey’s thinking of expanding certain specialty items, so stop by Too Nice to Slice for ice cream, cakes, pies, and lots of sweets!
204 Grace Street, Suite B
Oxford, AL 36203
Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.


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