‘Tis the season to get out and explore your backyard!

August 4, 2014

As summertime comes to an end, get out and explore!

Things You Simply Must Do in Calhoun County
coldwater1. Bike at Coldwater Mountain
The Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails are drawing in people from all across the United States with its world-class Mountain Bike trail system.
2. Bike, walk or jog on Ladiga
If biking isn’t your thing, go for a jog or walk along the Ladiga Trail and enjoy events like the City of Jacksonville’s Ladiga Half Marathon.
3. Enjoy a day at the Anniston Museum of Natural History
Our Anniston Museum of Natural History allows visitors to explore the wilds of Africa and the wonders of the wilderness from North America to Egypt.
4. Marvel at the Berman Museum of World History
This fascinating collection of weapons and historical objects exhibits everything from Asian art to WWI and Civil War artifacts. kayak (2)
5. Go camping on the Pinhoti Trail
This recreation trail, linked to the Appalachian Trail, winds over ridges and crests through the Talladega National Forest and more.
6. Kayak down
Terrapin Creek
Located in Piedmont, this creek offers refreshing scenery and fun for the whole family.
7. Take part in practice shooting at the Civilian Marksmanship Program
This state of the art facility hosts Junior Olympic competitions and showcases their air gun ranges in an experience, like no other.
8. Go Golfing CMP
Our region is home to numerous golf courses to help you prepare for next year’s Masters. Silver Lakes, Cider Ridge, Cane Creek and Pine Hill are just a few.
9. Be wowed at Weaver’s State Park and BMX Track
These are perfect for all ages and host races and competitions during the year, at this multilevel facility.
golf10. Go see a CAST play or musical
This community theater group performs a variety of shows each season.
11. Remember our history with the Civil Rights Trail
Explore areas of Anniston, admire the murals and follow the Freedom Riders Civil Rights Heritage Trail to downtown Anniston.
12. Shout Go Gamecocks at Jacksonville State University!
Take in all the many events offered at our local university, like the many musical productions and sporting events.jsu taste
13. Visit a Wine Tasting at White Oak Vineyards, Tyson Fine Wine, Smith Farms, or the Wine Cellar
Our local winery grows the fruit used to produce their trademark label, Southern Oak Wines.
nunnallys14. Admire the local art at Nunnally’s Noble Street Frame & Gallery
In downtown Anniston, this quaint shop features the breathtaking art of area artists and more.
15. Run in a local 5K.
The Anniston Runners Club Website has a listing of many regional 5ks.
16. Attend a Knox Concert Series Performance
This special concert series brings world renowned artists to this local stage.
17. Enjoy a show at the new Oxford Performing Arts Center
This beautiful recently renovated performing arts center venue is definitely one to check out.
buckner18. If you’re felling vintage, check out the Buckner Event Plaza.
This beautifully restored theatre, where troops and their families were once entertained, features shows and classic movie showings for the whole family.
19. Visit the Museum at Janney Furnace
They boast Civil War and Indian History.
20. Take a historic driving tour through the county.
With sights like Fort McClellan, Aderholt Mill, the Cross Plains Depot, the Coldwater Creek Covered Bridge, the Victoria, the Parker House Bed & Breakfast, homes, churches and more, you are sure to be amazed by the picturesque history of Calhoun County. Janney Furnace Memorial with 4th graders
21. Taste the Culinary Delights of Calhoun County
Visit www.visitcalhouncounty.com for a complete list of area restaurants and delectable dishes!
22. Shop Local!
We have so many fabulous boutiques, one-of-a-kind finds, and shops! The money spent here stays here, benefitting our schools, public services and more, so SHOP LOCAL!white oak


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