I am the Chamber… Amie Hinton

August 13, 2014

amieIn 2010, a former employer of Amie Hinton encouraged her to get heavily involved in the Chamber and other community organizations. Now, Amy says, “I see the importance of networking and building relationships within the community in which you work. For businesses, it’s effective to get your name out there, and you become the go to for whatever people need. Emerging in your career, the Chamber allows you to connect with, learn from, and add seasoned professionals to your network.”
Currently, Amie works at New Leaf Marketing, a promotional products corporation assisting companies all over the United States, and Amie also engages in the Junior League of Anniston/Calhoun, the Young Leader Society of the United Way, the Anniston Runners Club, and the D.D. Club. “Through involvement with community service organizations, you not only get to give back to the community in which you live, but you get to know more about the community too. The relationships I’ve built through my community involvement, I now call customers. People do businesses with people they know and trust, and as you work together and get to know each other, you also want to help each other,” states Amie.
Amy serves as an Ambassador and Small Business Committee Member, and other New Leaf Marketing employees also serve on committees of their interest. new leaf“New Leaf Marketing has been a member of the Chamber for 15 years and finds it extremely beneficial to have engaged employees. The Chamber’s given me so many opportunities to meet people and build a customer base, but like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. Not only has the Chamber helped me grow my customer base, but it also provide me training, inexpensively, that helps me grow in knowledge and do my job more effectively,” says Amie.
“For young professionals trying to stand out, the Chamber provides opportunities to meet local business men and women who you wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. The Chamber Staff and Volunteers go out of their way to help you make introductions and connect with others who can be very helpful within your career. It’s worth your time and effort to get involved,” states Amie.
Thank you Amie for all you do for Calhoun County and your Chamber of Commerce!


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