I Am the Chamber… Robert Houston

August 20, 2014

robertArriving to Calhoun County in 1997, working for BAE Systems, then United Defense, Robert Houston was asked by the CEO to come to Anniston on a “temporary basis.” “The CEO said ‘If you really want to learn about the community, you need to participate in the Chamber.’ I came in as a board member and saw all the good things,” says Robert. 16 years later, he is still here in Calhoun County. “I got attached and still care about it,” states Robert; “If you want to participate and impact what’s going on in the community, get involved. Everyone should seek to align their passion and purpose, and with the Chamber, there are a variety of things to engage in that align with peoples’ passions.”
Robert Houston had no plans to stay in this area, but he saw that it was a good community that needs people to care about it so that they work together for the community’s betterment. Robert served on the School Board, the United Way, volunteered at Relay for Life, served as Chamber Chairman, and currently works with the Boys & Girls Club, the Opportunity Center, and the Knox Concert Series. Robert states, “My time as Chamber Chair was one of the highlights of my career. When we sat down for offsite strategic plans, we identified missions, goals and strategies for each area, all the things that impact the community, and then saw it to fruition.”
Rober Charged the Chamber staffNow, Robert owns R&R Consulting, Speaking with a Purpose, advising businesses and groups through coaching, public speaking, business operation reviews and Board of Director meetings. Robert always lives up to his mission. “When you speak with a purpose, you inspire people to listen, to think and to act. I take my 36 years of experience in business and life, and use actual examples with groups,” states Robert. “This is the part of my career that is about legacy, what will I be known for and how many people can I help and serve. With coaching, leadership, management, customer relations, ethics, business missions, visions and values, if you help others succeed, you will too,” says Robert.
Thank you Robert Houston for all you’ve done and continue to do for Calhoun County!


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