You Should Hire an Intern

August 25, 2014

You’ve all heard that internships provide invaluable experience and help build resumes, but as a former intern, I can attest to the priceless knowledge and skills I gained. tommie
Why are internships important?
1. It’s a Test Drive
As a business, hiring an intern allows you to see how current talent works in your industry. From ideas to personalities, it’s a test for employers to take, but it’s also an opportunity for that student to figure out if the career is right for them.
2. Enhance your Business
Fresh eyes bring a new perspective and innovative ideas. The intern wants to learn, from an expert, skills and traits they can apply to a future career. They shouldn’t take the place of an existing employee, and don’t just send them to get coffee. Give them projects that truly help your organization and benefit their learning.
3. Give Back
get linked picIf you’re like me, my internship helped me find my niche in the “real” working world. It showed me that your passions and work can align. By hiring interns, you are helping prepare our future. You are giving students the opportunity to see what our community has to offer and enticing these young professionals to stay here as residents and employees.
No, it’s not always easy to manage an intern with everything else; however, use what you’ve got to your advantage. Develop a job description. Use resources such as Gadsden State, Jacksonville State and to promote your business and opportunities.
Hiring an intern today makes a difference tomorrow, so aid in Calhoun County’s growth and success.
By: Emily Duncan
Public Relations Coordinator


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