Calhoun County Economic Development

September 29, 2014

edcThe main goal of the Calhoun County Economic Development Council is to support the growth of the region through the development and recruitment of industrial related jobs. The EDC is also able to promote the economic growth of our community by working with our existing industries to meet their expansion needs. EDC facilitates industries with site preparation, additional infrastructure, and non-statutory incentives.
Each industry is different, with necessary resources and needs varying on an individual basis. Typically, expansion needs focus on a few key areas, including: labor force and training, location assistance, and community and statewide connections. EDC
With regards to labor force and training, in Alabama we are very fortunate to have access to Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT). AIDT was created to provide quality workforce development for Alabama’s citizens by working with new and expanding businesses on their training needs. AIDT can assist existing industries in Calhoun County, working with them to recruit and train the needed personnel for their expanding operations. Locally, another significant asset that we have is the Calhoun County Chamber Foundation’s Job Station. Job Station was created to assist those unemployed once the Anniston Chemical Demilitarization Facility completed its mission. Job Station assists the existing industries in the Calhoun County region, identifying potential employees and opportunities at no cost to the employer or job seeker. Job Station’s database contains skill inventories of all registered workers who are seeking employment in our region. entre center
Finding the right location for expansion can be an unnecessary frustration for industries if the expansion is outside of their existing facility. The EDC can help find the site or building that will fit expansion needs. If it is temporary space that is needed during construction, the Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System has both office and light manufacturing space that can suffice to fill your immediate business needs.
Often with expansions, companies are interested to learn if they can qualify for tax abatements with the local community and the Department of Revenue. When discussing possible expansions for your industrial business, it is important to include the EDC in discussions, so we can make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the available opportunities for your company. Hillyer Robinson Spec1
For more information on the EDC, visit their website at


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