I Am the Chamber… Renee Rice

October 15, 2014


R&R Travel Service

At 24 years old, Renee Rice worked in Talladega’s Chamber building. Even then, Renee states,  “I had the chance to see the difference a Chamber makes in a business’ life. For six years, I remember people traveling and putting our area on the map, coming together and making things happen.”

Now, Renee and her sister Robbie Ginn own R&R Travel Service, “helping people’s dreams come true,” connecting clients to cruise lines, airlines, and tour groups to give them the best trips available, corporate or leisure. Renee states, “When we started, we didn’t know anybody. We were young and thrown into the business world. It made a difference being a part of this huge entity, the Chamber, making contacts within the community. With joining the Chamber, it gives you contacts immediately, and it gives you a family that helps each other build business, grow our community, market and make an economic impact.”


Renee, Robbie and Chamber Manager Linda Hearn

Involved in many community organizations like the Oxford Arts Council, Chamber and more, Renee says, “When you believe you live in the best place, you show the community you’re thankful. Tourists and residents don’t care about county or city lines. We remember where we started, and we give back to those who helped us make a living.”

Thank you Renee for your work in our communities and your dedication to the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce!


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