I Am the Chamber, Jonathan Gaddy

October 27, 2014


Joe Jankoski of the Red Cross, Tim Hodges, Jonathan Gaddy and Chamber Manager Linda Hearn

Jonathan Gaddy, current EMA Director and slated to become the Calhoun County Administrator, is actively engaged in his community. “For me, the importance is to give back. Calhoun County and the people here have given so much to me. So many have supported me and taught me, and it’s important, to me, to keep that going,” states Jonathan. Jonathan was first introduced to the Chamber through YLCC, Youth Leadership Calhoun County. “That was a great experience and cemented in my mind the importance of community service, advocacy, and working together to better the community. A lot of people in community have great ideas, whether they’re coming from the government, business or non-profit standpoint. The Chamber is one of the great places to get to know these ideas and what the needs of the community are,” says Jonathan.

“There are a lot of exciting things happening in Calhoun County. We’ve had challenges, but we continue to have much to be thankful for. With diversity in people, landscapes and more to offer, Calhoun County is unique, and no other community has the same opportunities we do,” explains Jonathan.

Jonathan is not only actively involved in the EMA, County Commission and Chamber. He is also member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, helping with community activities like the Christmas Toy Drive, other resources, events and assistance programs. Thank you Jonathan for your work and service in our communities!


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