Why Shop Local?

November 13, 2014

Money spent here stays here. What do we mean by that? Through local taxes, our money DSCN1368supports our schools, public services like police and fire departments, and more! Money spent here also recirculates into our community. Think of the businesses that sponsor and support local sports teams, the t-ball uniforms, the local golf tournament, and the local non-profit fundraiser. We expand our community opportunities when we shop local.

We are often drawn to the lowest price, but we overlook the convenience and customer service provided by our neighbors, our local businesses. Think long hobsonterm when you shop and keep our local economy, our community strong by utilizing the services and products found locally!

With local businesses, the more small business diversity we have, the lower our taxes! Our variety of small businesses cater to the needs of individual customers. Local small businesses also employ our neighbors, friends and family, and they too are customers of other small businesses, the local printer, accountant, farmer and more.

adoptMany know the day after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday” for retailers, but did you know that the next day is Small Business Saturday! Imagine if we spent all our holiday money at local businesses!

Mark Your Calendars!

Shop Small Business Saturday

November 29, 2014

Shop Local!

There’s no place like HOME for the holidays… Shop Local!



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