Shopping Local Puts $$$ Back in Our Pockets, and Shopping local is convenient.

July 22, 2015

DSC01217 While we are often drawn to the lowest price, we overlook the convenience and customer service provided by our neighbors. Think long term and keep our local economy strong by utilizing our area products and services.

The Chamber has always been an advocate of Shopping Local, after all, our job is to be the best business tool, promoting and sustaining the economic growth of our region. nunnallysLocal businesses, especially small businesses, serve as the back-bone for our economy.

When we shop local, we keep our money local, and it recirculates in our local economy, not just through pay checks, but to our schools, our police, our fire-departments, and other public services.

Small and local businesses do employ more people directly, even as customers as other local businesses like their accountants, attorneys, printers and more! Do you realize half of working Americans own or work for small businesses? These local businesses are our neighbors, family, and friends.downtown

The more local businesses we support, the greater diversity of locally made goods and services offered, which then cater to the needs of each citizen, each customer. This not only benefits our economy, but our neighborhoods and the overall quality of life. In turn, a vibrant community is beneficial in recruiting new business and industry. jacksonvilleTake pride in our eclectic business community. We have what other metropolitan areas have, right here.

Think of this. Who sponsors the little league teams? Who sponsors the high school sporting events and fundraisers? Who donates to local non-profits and organizations? Give back to your community. Give back to those who give to each one of us. Remember, first and foremost, there’s no place like home. Shop Local!

shop local face


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