Help us say thank you to our local businesses by shopping local this holiday season!

November 10, 2015

DSC05301Did you know that we, on average, contribute more than $112 to the local economy each year buying gasoline?  When we purchase groceries locally, we contribute more than $312 annually. Think what we could contribute if we shifted our shopping this holiday season.

DSC05305 Shopping locally provides jobs and not only supports our local merchants but also our local schools, local police, fire stations, emergency agencies, and our roads. Local merchants often support community groups, clubs, teams, and charities. So, as you can see, we all win when you buy local, and the money circulates through the local economy, again and again, aiding in business growth, job creation, lower taxes, public services, and civic pride.

white4Most things on the wish lists can be found locally. If we simply switched just 5% of the money we spend elsewhere and buy local, over $2 million in local sales tax revenue would be generated and result in more jobs, better schools, better parks, lower taxes, improved public safety, and better streets and highways.

Commit to Your Community and Pledge to Shop Local this holiday season!

Make a difference! shop holiday


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