Worlds of Work

February 26, 2016

“A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce.” Bill Owens

One of the Chamber’s Mission Focus Areas for 2016 is Workforce Development. What do we mean by that?

Logo with EastmanOur goals for 2016 and beyond include creating partnerships between businesses, industries and schools, connecting educators with area businesses, and educating students of career choices. February 24 and 25, nearly 2,000 8th grade students from Calhoun County, Cleburne County and Munford Middle Schools descended on Oxford Civic Center for the EASTMAN Worlds of Work Career EXPO presented by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. On the afternoon of Feb. 25, 11th and 12th grade students were invited to attend and explore the career worlds.

This Expo showcased the variety of career opportunities in our region and the skills needed to acquire those positions. Overall, the desired outcome of this event was to improve high school graduation rates in Calhoun County, Cleburne County and Munford Middle Schools and develop career interests among students to move their community’s forward with workforce ready graduates. We believe that by creating career ready graduates, we can help pave the way for today’s youth to contribute to the future and economic sustainability of our region.
did you knowDid you know?

  • Only 20% of today’s jobs require a four year degree
  • For today’s jobs, 65% require an associate degree or advanced technical training
  • Through dual enrollment, high school students have the opportunity to take college and technical training courses that can lead to high-paying jobs right out of high school

The EXPO presented a variety of career opportunities through hands on, interactive activities across ten career worlds to help students make smart choices for their future and encourage them to stay in school. The Career Focus Areas include: Energy and Utilities, Engineering, Public Service, Transportation, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Hospitality, Communications, Construction and Agriculture.


From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, agriculture is vital to life and has a significant impact on Alabama’s economy.

Honda Production 2Automotive & Manufacturing

From Honda to the Depot and more, manufacturing employees, in engineering, welding and everything in between, are in high-demand in our state and region.

Communication & Media

Beyond Hollywood, there are various opportunities through film, video and digital media in this creative and exciting field of work.


Within the three branches of construction, residential, commercial and heavy industrial, there are numerous respected and well-paid occupations, from safety to electricians, inspectors and more.

WelderEnergy & Utilities

So much of our day to day depends on natural gas, electricity or oil. Energy exists to help people, and the future of energy strives to provide for our growing world but minimalize the impact on the environment.

Alagasco Pelham 08262013


From building to airplanes, electronics and more, almost everything around us was designed by engineers prior to its construction.


Not only are there careers as doctors and nurses, there are also careers in healthcare for research, high-tech treatments, medicinal development and more opportunities.

Hospitality & Tourism

From culinary work to park rangers, hoteliers and tour guides, we come across careers in hospitality and tourism daily.

Oxford PD with BusesPublic Service
The many branches of service offer many opportunities in each community to ensure our society continues to function orderly, thanks to our firefighters, police officers and emergency responders.

Alabama Power CoTransportation

From roadway to railway, airway or waterway, there are a variety of careers, including mechanics, safety, marketing, maintenance and more.2016 sponsors


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