Marketing Tips

April 15, 2016

marketing - tech
From small businesses to large industries, marketing is important, and some implementation is a basic key to success.

Social Media

Whether you are on social media or not, as a business, customers are already there critiquing their experience at your business as good or bad. It is important to find what social media outlets fit your business best and post regularly on those outlets to engage your audience.


From social media to face to face relations, customers look to their peers to rate and review their experience. Think of reward programs to ensure you are building relationships with your clientele so they continue to send you referrals.

marketing techThink Mobile

Most searches are conducted on our smart phones. Is your site mobile optimized to resize to fit whatever device potential customers may find you on?

Email Marketing

Customers receive thousands of emails every day, so how do you stand out? Don’t bombard their inbox! If you don’t provide the interested audience the valuable information they want, they won’t open their email or they will unsubscribe. Share links to resources and relevant information that is beneficial and keep your emails brief and easy to read.

Content Marketing

There are several FREE marketing options for businesses to utilize. From blogs to social media, what keywords do your customers use when discussing or searching for your business, and do you utilize those keywords within your content?


With every new idea, there is often a time commitment to development and training, but there are content management sites and databases that help you schedule marketing efforts in advance and execute your plan on - marketing

Trial and Error

Just because it works for one business doesn’t mean it will work for you. Every business is different, and each one is considered an expert at something else. Find your niche, what works,  and make your marketing efforts the best they can be.


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