What’s Your Network?

May 17, 2016

handshakeNo, we’re not referring to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, nor are we referring to AT&T or Verizon. What’s your network? Who are the groups of people or systems, organizations, with whom you are interconnected? Who are those people you have exchanged information, contacts, and experiences for professional or social purposes?

You’ve heard, “every problem is an opportunity.” What if we considered every moment of every day an opportunity?

Some people, businesses and organizations wait for opportunities to come to them. With the evolution of media and service, we’re often waited on hand and foot, continuously. We’re privileged, but what if we seized each opportunity that passed us.

Each generation brings different things to the table, but one thing most have in common is everyone wants to help. Baby Boomers are ready and willing to give advice, share their experiences and help our communities grow and succeed. Millennials are also ready and willing to work, learn and offer new insight, ideas, to help our communities grow and succeed. The only difference is… we network differently.

classroom-381895_960_720Have you ever attended a networking event where you dwell around a group of people you already know? Have you ever considered that at that moment, there is a person new to business, new to the community, eager for an introduction to the movers and shakers?

It’s ironic that we want to help, but we get stuck in our routine or feel uncomfortable stepping outside the box. Generally, taking a risk also takes you to the next level, sets you apart from the crowd. As Jimmy Carter said, “Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

So, accept this challenge and expand your network.

  1. Attend an event out of your norm. If you see an event advertised that you wouldn’t normally go to, give it a try. From community events and festivals to the Chamber’s new Night of Laughter and Business Awards, you’ll have fun and an opportunity to meet new connections to add to your network.
  2. Once you’re at an event, talk to someone you don’t know. If someone wins an award or is recognized as a nominee, congratulate them and introduce yourself. They’ll appreciate it, and it won’t feel as awkward as a cold call.
  3. Have an open mind as you approach every introduction. At events like the Chamber’s Business After Hours, you never know who you’ll meet or the connections they may have that could help you excel.

Every day, we pass people, on the road, in the office, at a restaurant, etc. You may meet the next Steve Jobs, so pay attention.
Mark Your Calendars for My Generation: Multi-generational Workforce Summit

my generation_edited“Leverage the Power of Generations in the Workforce”

Sponsored by:

AUSA (Association of the United States Army)

& BAE Systems

Wednesday, June 22, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 (noon)

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Air Gun Competition Center – South

1470 Sentinel Drive, Anniston, AL

$15 for Members – $20 for non-Member – Register by calling 256-237-3536.

Are you a Boomer? Good! Are you a part of Generation X? Great! Are your employees Gen Y? Cool! Are you a Millennial? Sweet!

All generations are encouraged to attend and represent as we talk about each generation, myths & facts, compare with participants, and work together to specify needs, desires and wants, while learning to appreciate and help each other.

This event will be presented by Scott Boozer of Boozer Leadership & Learning, LLC, graduate of Jacksonville State & Auburn University.


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