Shop Local for Back to School

August 5, 2016

BAE System (Adopt)If you truly want to make a difference in your community, your schools and more, shop local. If we switched just 5% of the dollars we spent elsewhere and bought local, it would generate over $2 Million in new local sales tax revenue.

That means…

More Jobs …. Better Schools …. Support of Local Business …. Lower taxes with an expanded tax base …. Better Parks …. Improved Public Safety   …. Better streets and highways…

shop 2In the Small Business Administration’s Alabama Profile, 757,475 workers are employed by small businesses. Shopping local is an investment in our community. Local businesses employ our neighbors, friends, families, whose livelihood depends on small business success, and these businesses are customers of other local businesses, from utility companies to the local printer, accountants, farms and more.

Money spent here stays here, recirculating in our community, expanding jobs and business opportunities. Many local businesses are also those who fund and support local non-profit and community organizations that serve our area. Think of those who sponsor the t-ball team, that golf tournament or the community event down the street.

shopAs you shop and venture out to discover something new, think and keep it local. Choose Calhoun! While we are often drawn to the lowest price, we overlook the convenience and customer service provided by our neighbors. Think long term, jobs, emergency responders, schools and community. Keep our local economy strong by purchasing and utilizing our area products and services.

It is not only customer service and a friendly face that is lost when we don’t shop local. In a study from the UAB Collat School of Business, it is estimated that $2.8 million was lost in sales and use tax revenue for 2013, just through online sales. Think of how those dollars could help our schools, our public services, our communities. Money spent here stays here. When you shop local, it is estimated that more than 50% of the money spent stays in the community.

Your dollar makes a difference in our future! Think Local, shop local!


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