Do you know local industries?

September 2, 2016

Industry is defined as “economic activity,industry” “the process of making products by using machinery and factories.” It’s also defined as “hard work,” and from transportation, utilities, medical, education, manufacturing and government, Calhoun County is fortunate to have a strong and diverse industrial base that helps shield our community from economic downturn. Each of our communities are impacted and supported by industry, and those industries remain a cornerstone of opportunity and job creation in our county and region.

The Chamberindustry 2 touts September as “Salute to Industry Month” with events, including a golf outing and industry scavenger hunt. Our goal is to raise awareness about all our great industries and their contributions to our communities. So, how well do you know our county’s industries? Ask yourself and others the following questions to see how well you score.

  1. Which foreign country has the most industries located within Calhoun County?
  2. Two companies from which foreign country are the newest additions to Calhoun County’s industrial base?
  3. Who is Calhoun County’s biggest employer?
  4. Which company has the most suppliers in Calhoun County?
  5. Which industrial sector is Calhoun County’s largest?

industry 3If you want to learn more about local industries or test your knowledge, join us on September 9, from 8:00-Noon as we host an Industry Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by Bradford Health Services and EASTMAN. Teams will be comprised of two individuals. Both individual members of the public and representatives from area businesses and industries can participate, as we send teams out with clues detailing area industries throughout Calhoun County.  Teams will report back to the Chamber for lunch.  To register a team for FREE, call 256-237-3536.


1. Japan                2. Canada            3. Anniston Army Depot               4. Honda              5. Automotive


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