The Future is so bright!

September 16, 2016

ylcc-logo-snipitThis Sunday, Youth Leadership Calhoun County’s Class of 2017 kicks off with orientation. Youth Leadership Calhoun County, YLCC, is a program of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce built to prepare students for constructive leadership and responsible participation in the affairs of the community. These area 11th grade students, from public and private schools throughout Calhoun County, are chosen by their counselors and principals to represent their school as future leaders because they demonstrate leadership abilities, high leadership potential, and exhibit concern for the community.

ylcc-hearing-from-farmers-marketThe program provides these highly motivated participants opportunities for leadership skills development through participation in training seminars and program activities. Each class is a diverse representation of the diversity of racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups in Calhoun County. Each student, no matter their school or background, comes together to meet and develop mutual understanding, respect and trust.

ylccEach class meeting and program day focuses on community issues, needs, opportunities, problems and resources in our communities, while providing interaction with community leaders. YLCC participants are also shown and given opportunities for volunteer community involvement and service. Program Days include: Career and Mentors, Quality of Life, Local Government, Business and Industry, Jacksonville State University , Gadsden State Community College and more!

ylccThe overall mission of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and sustain the economic growth of the Calhoun County Region, resulting in a community that is a dynamic place to work, visit and live. Our 2016 Plan of Action included areas of workforce development and educating area students of career choices here. Through Youth Leadership Calhoun County, we encourage our youth to find satisfying job opportunities at home in Calhoun County, so they too will want to live, learn, work, worship, play and raise a family here.


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