Who are the Chamber’s Board of Directors?

November 4, 2016

board-annual-meeting“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.”

                – Margaret Mead

The Chamber’s  Board of Directors are a group of individuals chosen to represent the membership and to make strategic decisions, providing financial oversight, while ensuring and monitoring the strength of services and supporting the staff to ensure adequate resources and planning.

board-meeting-008Currently, the Calhoun County Chamber serves more than 1,000 individuals and businesses, representing an even broader workforce. These members appoint the Board of Directors to represent their interests, provide financial oversight of the Chamber, and make recommendations to the Chamber Chairman, Executive Committee and Vice Chairs of each division, who oversee Chamber Committees and Programs. The Chamber Staff is appointed by the Chamber Manager to serve as liaisons on each committee. The Board is ultimately responsible for Chamber operations, providing the mission, vision and plans for the Chamber Staff and Volunteers.

board-01Overall, the Board has ten primary responsibilities.

  1. Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purposes
  2. Assist in Building of the Organization
  3. Support the Staff and Assess Performance
  4. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
  5. Ensure Adequate Resources
  6. Manage Resources Effectively
  7. Determine, Monitor and Strengthen Programs and Services
  8. Enhance the Organization’s Public Image
  9. Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity and Maintain Accountability
  10. Recruit and Orient New Board Members; Assess Board Performance


Announcing our 2017 Board of Directors

The Executive Committee

Chairman:                                           Barry E Robertson

Chair – Elect:                                      Rod Nowlin

Immediate Past Chair:                   Greg Kernion

Treasurer:                                           Gayle Macolly Harris




Louis Bass


Jason Alderman


Virginia Bowen

K.L. Brown Bill Baker Kent Davis
Sonde Coleman Steve Baswell Larry Deason
Jay Hinesley Tommie Goggans Max Dodd
Keith McCullough Tim Hodges Lynn Freeman
Everett King Linda Jenkins Leslie LaPlante
Charles Lewis Mark Johnson David Nunnelley
Bridgette Magouirk Brett Key  
Mike Simpson Deidre Mundy  
Wayne Sisk Rodney Owens  
Wayne Willis Bud Owsley  
Brian Young Kelley Pearce  
Sam Phillips  
*LCC Advisory Chair Jimmy Ulrey  



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