Think Home for the Holidays! Shop Local!

December 9, 2016


T’was the day before Christmas when all through Calhoun County, local shops were selling; local families serving.

The displays were all done in their windows with care, with customers filling the stores everywhere.

The workers were busy, with no time for bed, while visions of happy children danced in their heads.

The streets filled with lights, the halls all decked, it’s the perfect setting for every list checked

shop-2When out on the streets there arose such a clatter, we sprang from our homes to see what was the matter.

Away to town, we flew like a flash, seeming to be in a mad dash.

The moon beaming with a bright, beautiful glow lit the path for us below.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear, our community was thriving and full of holiday cheer.

With shop owners, so lively and quick, we knew they could help pick from the wish lists the family shared, finding an item to show we cared.

New purses, new jewelry, new boots and x-Boxes! Onto ipads, hover boards and apple watches!

img_2581To the top of the list! To each and every store, shopping is sometimes quite a chore!

Sometimes it takes a moment to learn when we should first to our neighbors turn.

Shopping local everyone flew, with car loads of gifts and groceries too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard them say, “Sales for each and every day.

The countdown for Christmas is on. Get these deals before they’re gone.”

My neighbors, my family, my friends benefit when my money is locally spent.

happy-holidaysA bundle of deals from clothes to toys purchased for the good girls and boys.

Money raised for our schools and emergency agency, funding for teams, events and charity, are often gifts from local merchants, thanks to even the smallest purchase.

Imagine if we spent all our money here. The local needs might disappear.

Jobs and communities would grow, our streets busy and aglow.

While we are often drawn to the lowest price, we over look what’s here and nice!

If we thought and dreamt of possibility, we’d see better parks for families!

happy-holidays-chamberWe spoke not a word, but went straight to work, planning and promoting “Shop Local First,” seeing what could and would be as we gather around our Christmas tree.

I beg of you, I ask, I plead, think local for what you need.

Keep our communities strong and shop local all year long!

Happy Holidays to all and to all Shop Local!

Let us tag along as #UShopLocal this holiday season!


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