What is Worlds of Work (WOW)?

February 8, 2017

Logo with EastmanWOW is a hands on, interactive expo with activities across ten worlds. It is designed to help students make smart choices for their future and encourage them to finish school. The desired outcome is to improve high school graduation rates and de-velop career interests among students to move their communities for-ward with workforce ready graduates.

img_9149Why Worlds of Work? The purpose of the Expo is to create aware-ness about exciting career option among students and educators while addressing worforce needs in the region. Existing employers in the re-gion continue to have unfilled job openings due to a shortage of skilled workers. Employers face shortages over the next few years due to the retirement of up to 50% of their workforce.

img_9161Who is Worlds of Work for? 8th grade students from Calhoun County, Clay County, Cleburne County, Talladega County, Randolph County and Gadsden City Schools will attend. Two sessions will be open to any 11th and 12th grade students, interested parents, career coaches and school counselors. Approximately 3,200 students will attend this year’s WOW.

What worlds will be represented? img_9173Agriculture, Automotive & Manufacturing, Communications, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Engi-neering, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Public Service and Transpor-tation.

When and Where will WOW be this year? WOW is going to be March 7-9 at the Oxford Civic Center, 401 McCullars Lane, Oxford, AL.

How can I volunteer? We need volunteers to be class guides, room monitors, zone monitors and floaters. To volunteer please visit: http://signup.com/go/2JDxRmimg_9194

Did you know….Only 20% of today’s jobs require a four year degree. For today’s jobs, 65% require an associates degree or advanced techni-cal degree.

Need more information? Please contact Lisa Morales at lmorales@eastalabamaworks.com or 256.454.4276.


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