Member Drive

April 12, 2017

startup-photosD- Development is defined as the process of economic and social transformation that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions. The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce strives  to promote and sustain the economic growth of the Calhoun County Region, resulting in a community that is a dynamic place to work, visit and live. From quality of life to new or expanding business, the Chamber works to assist in the marketing, education and growth of our communities.

survey-opinion-research-voting-fill-159353R- Representation is defined as a statement or account made to influence opinion or action. The Chamber serves as the Voice of Business, standing for our communities and businesses at the local, state and federal levels of legislation. The Chamber’s Public Affairs Committee‘s purpose is to represent and be a proactive voice for the members and the o
verall business community with all levels of government in order to improve and sustain a positive business climate.

pexels-photo-260606I- There is no I in TEAM. The Chamber cheer is “together everyone achieves more.” Join the hundreds of businesses and individuals, movers and shakers, to connect, engage and prosper. Through the chamber, your business can connect to other businesses and organizations in the community. Your business can engage in the community, in events, programs and education, and because of all this, your business can prosper and grow.

pexels-photo-327538V- Volunteers help us make the chamber what it is. With more than 1,000 members, the Chamber’s staff of six attempts to keep everyone informed through social media, texts, and more. However, with an army of volunteers, from committees to ambassadors, we’re able to deliver member information, packets, goodies, and a outreach to membership.

E- Established is defined as to introduce and cause to grow and multiply. Dig gardenThe Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce was established in 1978, when the municipal chambers saw they could achieve more together and merged to form a county wide chamber. This firm foundation was paved by predecessors dating back to 1908, and the Chamber is excited to continue the legacy of propelling our community  into the future.

Join us! 



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