Create More Leaders

May 16, 2017

Leadership Calhoun County (LCC) is a program of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and is designed to prepare and build upon leadership resources within our entire county. Each class will be comprised of leaders and emerging leaders of this area.

This ten month program is broken down to days in the program of work.

  • program-lcc“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
    • Team Building & Orientation Day brings the classmates together quickly. From trust falls to climbing walls, they realize each others’ strengths and weaknesses and organize to do what’s best for the group as a whole.
  • CDP & Media Day
    • This day takes participants to the Center for Domestic Preparedness for an in depth tour and scenario, allowing class members to experience the training first hand. The day also includes a “how to” for media interviews in times of crisis and success.
  • lccAnniston Army Depot & Personality Profiles
    • This day allows class members to see the workforce and production of our area’s largest employer, the Anniston Army Depot. The day also includes a personality test and summary, comparing classmates to one another, their thinking and method of problem solving.
  • Economic Development & Industry Day
    • Every leader is networked to other movers and shakers. This program day introduces class members to various industries of various sizes and types, showcasing the diverse industry types our communities rely on for success.
  • DSC01800Education Day
    • This program day breaks the class into groups, who then go and tour different schools of different sizes and types to compare resources available at each individual school and school system. From private to public, this day showcases the opportunities and successes of each system.
  • Cultural Arts, Board Training, and Financial Sector Day
    • From Etiquette to board responsibilities, this day prepares leaders for possible opportunities to serve in the community, make a lasting impression and learn how to do it best. A summary of the financial sector is also provided.
  • Healthcare Day
    • Another large employer in our community is the Healthcare sector. This day provides class members behind the scenes tours of healthcare facilities in the county and allows them to hear directly from healthcare leaders about challenges and successes.
  • ylcc-hearing-from-farmers-marketLocal Government & Law & Justice Day
    • This day merges with Youth Leadership Calhoun County to provide a tour of the county courthouse, the county jail and the county administration building, hearing from local leaders, lawyers and officers about challenges faced.
  • State Government Day
    • The day transports the class to Montgomery, touring the Capitol, the House, the Senate and hearing pending legislation and issues up for debate. Local elected officials also visit with the class to discuss bills and discussion directly related to our communities.
  • bus-dev-expoSmall Business & Community Service Day
    • This day features a panel of small business owners and tours of local small businesses, providing insight of challenges faced, exciting improvements to the local economy and why it’s important to shop local. The day also includes an activity with the United Way, portraying the importance of area non-profits.
  • Quality of Life Day
    • Think you know your communities? This day puts community history and knowledge to the test as the class breaks into small groups on a mission to solve multiple scavenger hunt clues. The team with the most points wins.

If this sounds like a wonderful and educational opportunity that could benefit your business, complete an LCC Application by May 31st!


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