Grow Business 101: Relationships

October 6, 2017


People do business with people they know. As the Chamber “Connections” tagline reads, “Connect – Engage – Prosper.”


Connections are vital to any business; however, there are people that enjoy it and those that do not. It’s important to recognize this in your employees and allow them to thrive at what they enjoy, but none the less, if you like networking events or not, we all could improve.

Think of it being as easy as C-D-E, Communicating, Developing and Exchanging.


Communicate does not mean just talk. It means conveying a message through words and action to make sure it is understood. There’s a slogan that sums it up, “pretend as if your audience knows nothing.” So often, we use lingo and assume we’re being understood. Define things the average joe wouldn’t know.

Develop new relationships and grow old ones. So often referrals and word of mouth marketing, from peer to peer, is the most effective. Remember “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you want referrals, give referrals. If you want likes on Facebook, give likes on Facebook, etc.


Don’t think of networking as just shaking hands. Think of it as an opportunity to exchange ideas to benefit your business and community. It’s sometimes awkward to go up and introduce yourself to strangers. Our staff, ambassadors and board are there to help with those introductions, and that window allows you to strike up conversation.

Don’t miss a key element of business, people. We’re here to help you “Connect” with fellow businesses and people, “Engage” in the community, and “Prosper” into a successful business and region.


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