Network Advice 102

October 13, 2017

networkCold-calling is pretty miserable, so why not take 60 minutes of your time to attend a Chamber event with the sole purpose of connecting with others and building a new list of potential customer contacts.

We try to accommodate everyone’s time commitments. We know, not everyone is a morning person or they may have to take their child to school; however, we offer, the first Thursday of every month, Business & Biscuits at 7:30 A.M. This event we move around the county, so no one continually has to come out of their way. The second Wednesday of every month at noon, we host Lunch & Leads at various member restaurants. Everyone takes a lunch, so why not make the most of it and try to connect with new prospects too.

network 1

The third Tuesday of every month, beginning at 5:30 P.M. we present “Business After Hours” for those that prefer after work events. This opportunity remains our largest monthly opportunity, with 100-200 members attending each month.


The Chamber is a great way to get your name publicized in the neighborhood. The Chamber strives to be the #1 source of information, with resources that included our community calendar of events, hot deals and job posting opportunities.


If “networking” or crowds make you nervous, we’re here to help. The Chamber staff and volunteers will help with any introductions, but we ask for you to ready with any basic key questions, such as:

  • engageTell me about you (or your business).
  • What’s your most recent success?
  • What projects are you working on now?

Practice makes perfect. Success doesn’t come overnight. Follow up those introductions with phone calls, emails and thank you notes. Make the introductions memorable and set yourself apart. In the age technology, we want immediate answers. The more you get out there, meet people, help people, the more will come back to you and your business.


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