Chamber 201: To connect, do this, not this

October 26, 2017

shake handsWhat to do and what not to do? That is the question…. When you begin networking you may have 100 question, but here are basic suggestions for getting started.

What to do?

  • networking“How can I help?” – Don’t start by thinking what they can do for you. Make it memorable by offering to help them first.
  • Offer a hand. As you introduce yourself, extend your hand for a handshake.
  • Don’t be a wallflower. It’s easy to approach anyone standing alone first.
  • Don’t forget your business cards, and ask for their card to follow up.
  • Take notes, either on the back of their card or on your phone.
  • Include others that want to join your circle, and maybe start with “we were just saying…”
  • Have fun! Smile more!


What not to do?

  • Stick to your norm. If you realize you’re standing amongst friends, spread out to meet new people.
  • Technology Foul. Don’t check your email, texts or take calls while you’re networking.
  • “I forgot my name tag!” We’ve got you covered at Chamber events, but make sure you wear it on the right side, so it’s easy to read when shaking hands.

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