Rally behind your community & Shop Small

November 9, 2017

shop         Investing in local businesses means investing in the non-profits those same businesses support, investing in community events that benefit the quality of life for our public, and investing in local little league and school teams aiding our kids and future community and workforce development. This investment recirculates again and again in our community, to local accountants, print shops, restaurants, and more!

Know when shopping local, you’re making an impact on our schools, public services like safety and fire protection, roads and much more. So before making that easy purchase online, remember, money spent here, stays here.

holiday shop

While we are often drawn to the lowest prices, we overlook the convenience, customer service and goods provided by our neighbors. We challenge our members and communities to think long term. Help us keep our local economy strong and invest in main street, shop small and shop local. Utilize our area businesses and services whenever you can. Thank you for continuing to help our communities grow. Begin a new holiday tradition, and pledge your support everyday to think local first.

Big Reasons You Should Shop Small

· Small Businesses give back to the community

· Small Businesses create more jobs

· Small Businesses provide the best customer service

· Small Businesses provide product diversity

· Small Businesses create community

Let friends know you shop local!

Get vocal on social media and use #UShopLocal when you share pictures, tweets and posts.

shop small love


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