What is a Chamber of Commerce?

December 5, 2017

DSC05841Many are confused by the term “chamber of commerce,” possibly dating back to its origin in Europe hundreds of years ago as tactic of banding together against common enemies and the government side of creating trade policies.

The current Chamber of Commerce is targeted more to community development, social and business needs, and creating prosperity for businesses and their communities. A Chamber is an organization of businesses and individuals coming together to represent the collective interests, while seeking to advance the community, region, state and nation. It’s a win-win for communities and businesses, and still, the Chamber remains a trusted source of business, referrals and information.

networkingIn political advocacy, together everyone achieves more, and the Chamber unites everyone in one voice to advocate for business and our communities. The Chamber is comprised of voluntary paying members, who collectively elect a board of directors to represent their voice and guide the chamber, who in turn hire a staff to run the organization. Daily, the staff serves as a resource for the public, a promoter of business, networking event organizers, and more in order to cater to our members’ and public’s needs.

engageThe Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce is a 4-Star Accredited Chamber, promoting and sustaining the economic growth of the Calhoun County Region, resulting in a community that is a dynamic place to work, visit and live. Unique among Chambers, our office also serves as the visitors center and center for economic development, striving to attract business and visitors to our region.

The Chamber, its board, staff and members work to continuously promote the Calhoun County area and truly represent “The Voice of Business.” By partnering with the Chamber, individuals and businesses unite to build and advocate for the success of our local economy. The Chamber encourages member participation in committees and discussions, so all can stay informed of all the successes the Chamber team is making in and around the community. Join us! 


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