Chamber Misconceptions

January 17, 2018

A lot of the time, there are many questions about the Chamber and what it means to be a member…

What is the Chamber of Commerce? 


The Chamber is fully supported by our membership’s annual member contributions. Members select a Board of Directors to represent them in making decisions and fiduciary responsibilities. These directors are volunteers selected to represent the membership and, just like any small business, make and orchestrate a plan to aid our communities and businesses in growth and development.

Board members are generally recruited by current board members or from a pool of volunteers who go above and beyond on Chamber Committees to help and become involved and support the Chamber organization. These board members are sworn in at each year’s annual meeting, which is celebrating 39 years in 2018 as a consolidated county chamber.


annual meetingTerms, responsibilities and more are spelled out in the Chamber’s By-Laws, and each year, the board reviews these by-laws and strategic plan set to fulfill the Chamber Mission to make sure the organization is still on track and serving the community to the best of its ability.


These goals and strategies include networking events, small business and workshops geared toward human resources, community events, visitor activities, and more. At these events, the Chamber and Visitors Center partners with other organizations to benefit the community by bringing visitors or to meet the needs of our businesses and community.

It may sometimes go unnoticed that the Chamber still serves as the area’s #1 resource of information. Daily, we give refers to businesses, offer directions, provide phone numbers and more information to callers, guests, representing businesses or as individuals. We are not a part of area government. We are a non-profit, here to serve.

boardAny business is welcome to join us and support our  efforts in continuing to make our region better and better. Together everyone achieves more, and with our members of all business sizes and industries, including individual contributors, we’re making Calhoun County’s region a dynamic place to work, visit and live!


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