Why should your business join the Chamber?

February 8, 2018

EXPAND: Grow Your Business


We’re here to help you grow your business! With cost-effective marketing to local consumers, weekly video “Quick Tips” to give you new business growth ideas, and many sponsorship opportunities where you can put your business front and center, your Chamber Membership will help you EXPAND!

shake hands

CONNECT: New Business Connections 

Who are you looking to CONNECT with? Chances are we can help you by plugging into our region’s largest business network, developing new relationships at our networking events, and connecting with potential strategic partners. This is where you’re likely to see the greatest return on your investment through your membership!

public affairs (3)

ENGAGE: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Let your voice be heard! By participating on Chamber committees and panels, you’ll be able to connect and share your ideas with local leaders. You also can engage with our Chamber Staff to get help when you need it most! We’re here for your success!

shop smallCONTRIBUTE: Be Part Of The Local Impact 

Come be part of the local impact we’re making here at the Chamber! Participate in local economic development initiatives, make an impact in shaping our local business culture, and as you grow, create and provide jobs for our local workforce. We can’t do it without you!

SAVE: Big Savings


The Chamber is always looking for ways to help you save through exclusive discounts available only to our members. Call the Chamber today to see what our current membership savings are. You’ll also be able to offer your fellow members discounts to drive new business.


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