State Government Day Recap

April 5, 2018

20180315_112656On March 15 th , 2018, the Public Affairs Committee and the Leadership Calhoun County
Class paired up to take a visit to Alabama’s capitol. Through a fun-filled day of touring the capitol buildings and observing the house floors in session, we heard from several speakers about the importance of staying engaged in government efforts. Both groups acquired a wealth of knowledge about how Montgomery functions.
Each year, the Chamber creates a legislative agenda that identifies the key positions that
the Chamber will take for that year. 20180315_113758These areas include education/workplace preparedness, economic development/infrastructure, small business, and healthcare. Visiting Montgomery and observing the house and senate floors in session gave the committee to get a first-hand glance at advocacy efforts at work. As we were greeted by our state representatives Randy Wood, Steve Hurst, K.L. Brown and Senator Del Marsh, we received a quick briefing on what would occur in the legislature that day. 20180315_150253(0)Each of our legislators took questions and answers from the committee and the LCC class before they were to return to the Chambers. This opportunity to ask questions was an ample time for our members to express some of the items on our legislative agenda.
The Public Affairs Committee is very passionate about all of the initiatives on our 2018
state and federal legislative agendas. Therefore, we knew that when we went to  Montgomery, we were on a mission. This mission was to educate ourselves on how to better advocate the initiatives on our legislative agendas by scheduling our speakers and meetings around this mission. 40193124424_87096b94b5_zTwo of the initiatives that the Public Affairs Committee is passionate about is finding resources to improve Alabama’s infrastructure and educational programs. Because of our strong interest in seeing Calhoun County prosper, we asked Mark Colson, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, to come and speak with the committee on Alabama’s Education Budget and current legislation that we should be aware of. It was a very informative meeting as he and other groups such as our committee are very concerned about these issues, as well as our legislators. We are thrilled that other organizations are working diligently to acquire these resources for not just the state, but Calhoun County.

By: Briaunna Buckner

The Public Affairs Committee prides itself on being the voice of business for Calhoun County. 


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