Partnering with Jacksonville State

June 6, 2018

JSU - 3

When the Chamber & Visitors Center began a marketing audit, to track and analyze our brand on a regular basis, we knew we wanted to try something new. So, we reached out to our future, engaging JSU students.

The School of Business & Industry

We started the brand review with marketing students in the School of Business & Industry as an outside class project. Dr. Brent Cunningham, Professor of Business Administration and Interim Head of the Management & Marketing Department, brought together Allison Chiaramonti, Jonnisha Norman, Leigh Dyal and Jonathon Clifton. They reviewed everything from brand effectiveness to opportunities for growth. These students helped us define elements of our brand identity and gave us examples for integration. This group of students developed the new tagline of “Your Business, Your Community, Your Playground.”

DSC06935School of Arts & Humanities

Once we had the messaging re-established, we took the ideas from marketing to junior and senior level graphic design students in class with Professor Chad Anderson, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design. This class of Meghan Lee, Savannah Smith, Christian Everhart, Harley Stickney, Gen Ulanday, Kaylee Woodall, Shelby Holman, Paula Oliver, Jesse Michael and Austin Whitt met with Chamber staff members to discuss aesthetics, from color to visuals. Then, each student, individually, developed a proposed logo to encompass the vibes described and the new brand and messaging presented by the marketing students. Even during literal storms, these students continued in their designs and prepared their presesntations. In the end, two logos were selected, and those students collaborated to create the Calhoun County Area Chamber & Visitors Center’s new logo.



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