Important Reasons to Learn Sign Language

June 27, 2018

As a business or individual, great opportunities come from learning the language to communicate with all our neighbors, customers and the deaf community as a whole.

It’s all around.


Millions use sign language as their native language. Because there is silence, you may not always notice it. If you’re in customer service or hospitality, those who use sign language love and appreciate when others use it to communicate. If you’ve traveled, you’ll understand, but imagine being in a foreign country and hearing your native language for the first time in a week. It makes your day, your trip, for someone to understand you and give you the opportunity to express yourself.

It’s easy & beautiful. aidb logo

Most foreign languages revolves around sentence structure; however, sign language is very simple and uses many common gestures we pick up quickly. As an individual, knowing American Sign Language is a great marketable skill, and you never know the impact you could have by knowing how to communicate. Instead of forcing co-workers or customers to get frustrated while attempting to read our lips, let us show we care.

Join us on Thursday, July 26, from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M. at the Chamber & Visitors Center for a Basic Sign Language Course with the Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind. There is no charge to attend, but due to limited seating, register by calling (256) 237-3536.


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